Are Cockatoos Good Pets?

To ‘too or Not to ‘too?

Is there anything cuddlier and more adorable than a cockatoo? Almost certainly not. Is there anything that makes more noise and causes more damage? Almost certainly not! Cockatoos have a real Jekyll-and-Hyde persona going on: they are capable of being loving, fun, and incredibly charming, but at the same time, they are also capable of being snappy, naughty, and absolutely infuriating! How do you tell if you are capable of dealing with a creature of such a nature? Do you even care to give it a shot? Is it worth the trouble? Typically, you’re correct; it is. But don’t be in a hurry about anything! When it comes to buying a pet, this is one choice that you should never rush into making!

There are several types of cockatoos, and their colors can range from brilliant white to majestic black. However, only a select few species are suitable for “ownership” in the traditional sense. There are some that just don’t come around very often. The following species are the ones that are most likely to be available for purchase: umbrellas, Moluccans, Goffins, bare-eyed, rosebreasted (Galahs), and several subspecies of greater and lesser sulfur cresteds. This list is not in any particular order. The price of cockatoos can vary substantially depending on their size, however the two factors do not always correlate with one another. For instance, umbrellas are very big, and there are a lot of them, therefore they tend to be a lot cheaper than rosies, which are significantly smaller and less common. When it comes to cockatoos, there is no need for you to hold the belief that bigger is better (or any parrot, really). Larger things typically produce more noise and mess, but this is something that should be very obvious.

Cockatoos are able to elevate the mess and noise that come along with having any parrot to the level of an art form. Mess and noise are the two main drawbacks of keeping any parrot. These two factors, taken alone, might be enough to dissuade some individuals from buying a cockatoo. I would suggest that if you are considering purchasing one, you go and listen to some adults of your favored species enjoying a good old-fashioned holler-fest first. This is something that I would advocate. If you are required to leave the room with blood coming out of your ears, you should probably think about switching species. I also suggest that you go to the homes of a few people that produce parrots and have a good look around. Look at their hole-ridden carpets and walls, as well as their ripped clothing. If you take pride in the appearance of your home, a cockatoo is probably not the pet for you. The dander and trash from a cockatoo will find their way into every part of your home, even while the cockatoo is restrained in his enormous cage. Did you know that among cockatoos, the sport of food throwing is considered to be on par with the Olympics? Did you know that one of the most important skills that almost all cockatoos possess is the ability to work with wood? Sadly, it’s generally the wood that you don’t want worked on that needs to be removed! The vast majority of parrots have a natural want to chew, but they won’t be able to tell the difference between the toys you’ve provided and the old desk that is kept close to their enclosure. It is the responsibility of the owner to be watchful of the areas in which their bird is permitted to exercise its freedom of movement.

What about an individual’s character? Why would anyone want a cockatoo if they are so noisy and prone to leaving their droppings everywhere? Because they have the potential to be the most loving of all parrots and because they have a beautiful clownish quality that makes them the focus of attention wherever they go! Cockatoos are very gregarious and active birds, and they will go out of their way to get your attention, even if it means dancing, laughing, or hanging upside down by one toe with their crest fully shown. Cockatoos are known to be quite playful. They would probably let you hold and pet them for the entire day if you asked them to since they enjoy a good session of cuddling. Their intellect makes them one of the more mischievous pets you might own, and you’ll discover that the majority of cockatoos have a passable skill for speech. Cockatoos are also known for their colorful plumage. Along with those large brown eyes and that smile that seems to be nearly permanent, that squeaky-baby voice is one of the most appealing traits that they possess.

You might have heard that keeping a parrot is like to having a two-year-old child that will never grow up, and cockatoos are no exception to this rule! When you have a cockatoo, it’s like having a two-year-old child who is incredibly intelligent and understands how to use a computer, but who will still throw a tremendous fit if you won’t let him watch Barney whenever he wants to! Stubborn? Yes. Is it frustrating? You bet it is. Affectionate? Of course. Fascinating? Absolutely!

Perform the study in order to prepare yourself for the big plunge. Talk to other cockatoo owners as well as breeders, and make sure that they don’t provide you any information that’s too general. This is a promise that ought to under no circumstances be treated flippantly. If you pass the test and determine that you are deserving of cockatoo companionship, you should discover that you have an enchanting and engaging family member that will love you till the end if given the opportunity to do so. What more could you ask for at this point?

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