All Macaws Species List

Species (English Name)Species (Latin Name)
Blue & Gold MacawAra ararauna
Blue-headed MacawAra couloni
Blue-throated MacawAra glaucogularis
Buffon’s MacawAra militaris ambigua
Caninde MacawAra glaucogularis
Catalina Macaw 
Great Green MacawAra ambigua
Green-winged MacawAra chloroptera
Hahn’s MacawDiopsittaca nobilis nobilis
Harlequin Macaw 
Hyacinth MacawAnodorhynchus hyacinthinus
Illiger’s MacawAra maracana maracana
Indigo MacawAnodorhynchus glaucus leari
Lear’s MacawAnodorhynchus glaucus leari
Military MacawAra militaris
Noble’s MacawDiopsittaca nobilis cumanensis
Red-bellied MacawAra manilata
Red-fronted MacawAra rubrogenys
Red-shouldered MacawAra nobilis
Scarlet MacawAra macao
Severe MacawAra severa
Spix’s MacawCyanopsitta spixii
Wagler’s MacawAra glaucogularis
Yellow-collared MacawAra maracana auricollis
Yellow-naped MacawAra maracana auricollis

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