All-American Budgerigar Show

Most of us attending the All-American this year were probably wondering what was going to happen. This was our first trip to the United States, and I was looking forward to witnessing the birds and judging processes. The exhibition was hosted in the Royal Sheraton Hotel in Orlando, Florida, which was quite handy because there was no need for us to go to the show hall.

The 1999 All-American Budgerigar Show had an impression on me.

There are 5 categories:

  • Champion
  • Intermediate
  • Novice
  • Rares
  • Junior

First and foremost, I was overjoyed to be able to sit and observe the judging while also socializing with ABS members. Instead of anybody who is unable to steward having to spend 5-6 hours walking around an unfamiliar location while the judging procedure takes place and the show opens in the afternoon, this may be a concept that is implemented in the UK.

I was perplexed to see all the colors, for example, greens, both bright greens and greygreens, rated together, with the dark greens showing with other dark elements, such as olive, cobalt, mauve, and violet. Lutinos and Albinos were also included in the same category. Cocks and hens of all ages, as well as baby birds, were assessed together.

The top ten Champion birds were placed up in the final line-up, with Best In Show being a magnificent Skyblue raised by the Blanchards, followed by the best three hens and a juvenile bird. Our focus on the value of young birds does not exist, owing to the fact that only owner-bred birds are permitted to be displayed, and every ring number must be indicated on results sheets.

The top ten Champion birds are then lined up, and the top birds from the other sections (including the Rares) are compared to the Champion bird line. A Double Factor Spangle bred by Chris and Anne-Marie of Cams Birds won Best Novice, while Greg Ruth of California won Best Intermediate. I don’t think this strategy will go down well in our nation, however I know some judges would want to see some of the second-best in the final line-up!

The Rares area was extremely well supported, with the Best Rare being a Texas Clearbody bred by Dr Cave, and I was delighted to see two Easley Clearbodies belonging to Chris Amarel, with whom I had spoken via e-mail for over a year.

Brandon Amarel won Best Junior with the Grey Spangle cock pictured above, while his sister, Mindy, won Best Hen with a Sky Violet. Brandon is just eight years old, and he bred from his very first brood of chicks. Mindy was awarded Junior Best Hen with a Sky Violet. Brandon is just 8 years old, and he bred from his very first brood of chicks.

The encouragement offered to Juniors touched me much. While at the exhibition, two Juniors underwent a test and were assigned to assess the raffle birds (of which there were over 20 good-quality birds given by members) using the ABS scale of points. They next took a written test, which was quite demanding. I doubt I would have performed well. When the results were released, Mindy Amarel and Dave Radall were granted $250 and $225 scholarships, respectively, to be transmitted to their institutions.

The amount and quality of raffle items were astounding, and the event was very well-attended. It was tough to choose which cup (in front of each reward) to place the tickets in.

Overall, I appreciated the kindness, devotion, and hospitality of the ABS membership and found the whole trip pleasurable, especially meeting up for the first time with acquaintances with whom I had been conversing over the Internet. We now have ‘Food for Thought’ A Cookbook of Recipes and two mugs donated by District # 5 1999 All-American of Florida. We hope to be able to return someday in the future.

When I complete writing another post on our trip to the United States, our American friends, and their birds, I will include it in the /general index. Cheers!

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