African Meyer’s Parrot Personality

Green cheek conure - African Grey P...
Green cheek conure - African Grey Parrot

Meyer’s has around a half-dozen subspecies depending on location and plumage. Cuddles’ coloration is an intriguing feature. If you look attentively, you’ll see that her abdomen is neatly split into half-green and half blue-green along her keel bone.

Meyer’s are Poicephalus species that originated in Africa. Their relatives include the Senegal, Jardines, Brown Head, and Red Belly.

They may live for up to 25-30 years.

Quick Facts:
Scientific Name: Poicephalus Meyeri
Common Name: Meyer’s
Native To: Africa

Introducing my Meyer’s Parrot: Cuddles is my Meyer’s parrot who enjoys cuddling. Her personality is elegant and ladylike. She eats little nibbles at supper and never tosses anything away. She is gentle with her toys, and her voice is a delicate mix of quiet whistles and chirps. She, like Fred, spends much of the day hanging upside down like a feathered bat.

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