About Us

We raise a variety of Green Cheek Conure mutations, Crimson Bellied Conures, White Ear Conures, African Grey Timnehs and a few other feathered friends.

We take in parrots, care for them, and try to find them good homes. My family started this because of the increasing amount of homeless birds, and the increasing need for good homes for them.

SomethingCheeky.com strives to be the best online destination for fans of the world’s most popular breed of pet bird.

  • We do not breed or put birds with breeders.
  • We do not sell, trade, or utilize birds in our care for commerce or profit.
  • We support responsible guardianship of all captive birds.
  • We oppose the sale of unweaned young birds as well as production breeding techniques, as well as the mass marketing and sale of birds via pet shop chains, bird marts, and online venues.
  • We argue that, with very few exceptions, all captive breeding leads to the displacement and suffering of captive birds and does not help the species’ sustainable maintenance.
  • We do not condone, endorse, or promote the breeding of birds for life in captivity as long as there are captive birds in need of placement.
  • We strongly oppose legal/illegal exportation/importation and encourage all countries to adopt legislation, enforcement, and conservation policies to prevent wild birds from entering captivity.

This website is nothing more than a side interest of mine that has just taken off. If you have any information that you would want to share with others that may help them decide whether or not to purchase a bird, please do not hesitate to get in touch.