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Moving is one of the most difficult times in our life and the lives of our fids. Having recently finished moving the “gang” into a new home, I thought I’d share some of the things that made our transition go as smoothly as possible. The feathered gang (Alex and Zeke, African Greys and April, Umbrella Cockatoo) has settled in wonderfully, and things have soon returned to normal. Granted, the relocation was to a neighboring city and we were only on the road for about an hour, but I feel that training the birds had much to do with their decreased stress and seamless adjustment.

I’d also want to offer the finest moving service called PODS (Portable On Demand Storage). The weekend before the actual relocation, I had everything delivered to my previous residence. This enabled me to pack all of my non-essentials at my leisure, clean out the home, and reduce the stress and confusion of moving day. They removed the “POD” and held it at their warehouse until the day I arranged delivery to my new home. I just needed to hire a U-Haul for a few more items and the bird cages.

Everything save a blanket, pillow, alarm clock, bird supplies, and cages (which did not make it into the POD) was loaded into the U-Haul the night before the relocation. It was well worth it to rent the U-Haul for an additional day! On moving day, all I had to do was pack a few items, put the cages into the carriers, and off we went to our new house. My “POD” arrived later that afternoon, and I had as much time as I needed to unpack it. It came on a Friday, and the POD collection was set for the following Tuesday.

I suggest a service like PODS since it freed me of a lot of worry. I was calm, the birds were peaceful, and I could concentrate on making them more comfortable rather than frantically packing stuff at the last minute. I’ll never move again without PODS – it was that fantastic!

The relocation was carried out in phases.

Stage 1 – Keep the Fids Informed

House searching is typically an exciting and tiring experience. But, when I discovered a property I loved and the offer was approved, I showed the fids the flier with the image of the new house and told them everything. I told them how wonderful it would be for them to have a larger room with large windows. Yes, I really did it! They may not grasp every word, yet they are aware that something is wrong.

When my previous home sold and the paperwork was moving along smoothly, I began packing. I made certain they were aware of what I was doing, and I spoke about moving day and how wonderful it would be.

Stage 2 – Prepare the Fids

I emptied up my master bedroom a few days before the transfer and relocated the fids from their usual “bird room” to the master bedroom. It was merely across the hall and not in completely foreign surroundings. However, it sent a strong message to them that change was on the way. I moved them in the morning so they could adjust to their new surroundings before night.

I mentioned travel after their first night in the master bedroom. They’ve all been in carriers at some point, but I didn’t have three, I just had one. I went out and purchased a new one while borrowing another to create three. I positioned each carrier in front of the cage of the bird who would be utilizing that carrier three days before transfer day. I put them up there, ready to go, with the doors open.

After they had been at the carriers for a few hours, I grabbed each parrot and briefly put them in the carrier. Just long enough to shut the door, tell them how great they were, then let them go. The second day, I left them in there for perhaps 5 to 10 minutes longer. I put them in their carriers for approximately a half hour on the third day. I even lifted them up and went around the house in it. All the while assuring them how great they were and how important moving day was the following morning.

Stage 3 – Moving Day

I awoke early. We were meant to be to our new home at 8 a.m. since the phone, cable, and internet companies, among others, were scheduled to visit that day to set up services. And you know how they are with appointment hours, “Sometime between 8 a.m. and noon” was about as specific as it got. Of course, I wanted my phone and internet connected up right away since what good is an online parrot supply company if it doesn’t have an online presence and a phone?

I chatted to the fids for a few minutes before telling them this was it. Moving day has arrived! Then I loaded them into their carriers and began packing their cages. (They are kept in large cages.) They all fit into their carriers without a hitch. I placed them near the front entrance so they could see their cages being loaded while telling them how joyful their new home would be. The last thing I did was load them all into the front seat of the U-Haul and drive away to our new home.

Along the way, I picked up my day’s assistant, who would assist me in carrying their large cages up the stairs to the new residence. April genuinely welcomed her with a hearty “Hello!” She was really relaxed! The first thing we did when we arrived at the new home was bring the birds inside and place them in their new room. Of course, I was chatting with them the whole time. The cages were then unpacked and set inside one by one. I provided their food and drink as usual and tried to keep things as regular for them as possible. Before anything else was done, all of that was accomplished and the birds were entirely reinstalled in their cages.

Stage 4 – New Digs

I tried to keep things as normal as possible for them. They were really dang comfy after a day or two. That’s when I began working as a tour guide. Each person was taken on a tour of a separate room. I went from room to room, one at a time, or on a whole home tour. It was determined by the bird’s degree of comfort. I took care to point out the windows and had them touch them so they wouldn’t fly into them. Things immediately returned to normal, and they adore their new home!

I really feel that everything went so nicely because each stage prepared them for the next. I was astounded by how fast they acclimated to their new surroundings. Within hours after the relocation, they were back to chatting. April even spoke while driving in the U-Haul. I hope this has been useful to anybody thinking about moving in the near future!

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