5 Ways To Pamper Your Parrot

Ten Self-Care Activities You Can Do...
Ten Self-Care Activities You Can Do Right Now

We’re all busy these days, and I know it’s difficult to fulfill all of your responsibilities. But it’s time to take a break. Spend some time with each of your feathery children and treat them like royalty. Because I know some of you have numerous birds, it doesn’t have to be all the parrots on the same day! Make a practice of performing at least a brief version of this on a regular basis. Your parrots will be grateful! Some birds are naturally more’social’ than others. I can pick up and cuddle with two of mine without concern of requiring sutures. The other one requires extreme caution. His primary mode of transportation is a stick. You may adapt each stage to your parrot’s comfort level, no matter what amount of’snuggliness’ he or she chooses.

I hope you and your feathery children have a wonderful time. Not only is this a lovely time for your bird, but it also allows you to unwind a little. Turn off the phone as an extra bonus!

Spend some quality one-on-one time

Simply hang around together. Allow them to assist you with housekeeping. My cockatoo enjoys assisting me with laundry folding. One of my African Greys loves to converse in English. My second African Grey enjoys sitting on me and scratching me as I sleep on the sofa.

He goes up and down me, the sofa, and occasionally simply rests on my knee. Put on some jungle or classical music and sit quietly together for a few minutes. There are no restrictions; the goal is to give your bird your full attention.

Share a meal

Prepare some tasty veggies, fruit, spaghetti, or any other bird-safe cuisine that your parrot will like. Share your dish with your bird, Hell, eat from the same plate. One bite for you, and one for them. Remember to give them their own spoon or fork so they don’t get your disgusting human germs.

Interactive Play

Hand toys such as birdie bagels, barbells, or marbella shapes, as well as a piece of rope, a popsicle stick, a towel, or even a wadded up piece of paper, may be very engaging bird toys.

There are hundreds of safe and enjoyable toys to choose from. Lighten up and have fun with your bird. My African Grey enjoys playing catch with a wadded-up piece of paper. When catch is done, he likes to tear it up. It does not have to be costly; it just needs to be enjoyable!

New Toy

Give your parrot something to do while it’s bored inside the cage! Renovate a little. Rearrange the toys in the room and buy a new one. Get on board, parrots! While you’re at it, why not pick up an extra toy or two for later? When your parrot’s interest wanes, you could rotate the toys. All of my toys are stored in a birdie toy box. I take their current toys out and replace them with some from the box on a regular basis. The others are returned to the toy box for future use. If the toys are severely damaged, see if you can combine parts from several toys to create a new toy. Toy rotation and recycling prevents boredom, saves money, and provides a regular change of scenery for your parrot.


What pampering session is complete without a relaxing shower or bath? Depending on your parrot’s preference, let them splash around in the sink or tub. Mist your bird with a squirt bottle or for a finer water spray you could use a birdie mister like Mr. Mister. I use a Mr. Mister for all my parrots, in fact they have their own shower perch. Whatever they prefer, make it fun!

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