16 Most Sought After Exotic Pets

Some people are content to own common pets like cats, dogs, birds, or gerbils, while others prefer the more exotic, such as chinchillas, sugar gliders, monkeys, pythons, etc., wanting the status of having owned an exotic animal. Some people are content to own common pets like cats, dogs, birds, or gerbils.

It is up to the owner to decide whether or not they are willing to take on the myriad of duties that come along with the ownership of an exotic animal. These pets may assist satisfy a person’s craving for the exotic, uncommon, and luxurious all while adding to their status symbol, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Under the right conditions, it is possible to acquire a variety of exotic animals as pets; the cost of doing so may range anywhere from zero dollars to eight thousand dollars. Some of these animals even need for specialized license.

Even if the majority of them are accessible to people of varying financial means, it is important to remember that caring for any of these creatures requires a significant commitment of both time and energy.

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is not related in any way to the Bengal tiger; rather, it is a hybrid creature with pre-designed genetic features that are crossbred with the likes of something more exotic, such as the Asian leopard cat. The Bengal cat has no link to the Bengal tiger.

You won’t find the Bengal cat relaxing very frequently since it is such a high-energy, sociable, and active breed of cat.

The end result is a new kind of cat that behaves much like a calm domestic cat, but appears as if it has just emerged from the plains of the Savannah.

Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat is created using a method of breeding that is similar to that of the Bengal Cat. This method involves mating an African Serval with a smaller domestic cat.

Because an African Serval may weigh up to 40 pounds and is not tamed, mixing it with domestic cat breeds can be tricky. This makes the breeding procedure for a Savannah inherently much more complicated.

In addition, the durations of gestation for each of these species are distinct from one another.

Puppies with Chinese Crested Ears and No Hair

These Chinese crested hairless pups range in weight from around 5 to 12 pounds and are very lively, alert, and sociable creatures. These canines, who are considered to be among the rarest breeds, have a high risk of sunburn on days that are both hot and clear.

Dogs are believed to have originated in Africa, and the average lifespan of a dog is between ten and twelve years. Dogs are often regarded as being extremely delightful companions.

Macaws of the Hyacinth

The hyacinth macaw is the biggest species of parrot in the world, and in addition to having a wingspan that is an impressive four feet long, it also weighs four pounds. This native South American species forms lifelong bonds with its partners, may be readily tamed, and will almost certainly outlast you. In the wild, he consumes the nuts that come from two different types of palm trees; however, the acuri nut is the only one of those nuts that he will consume after it has been processed by the digestive system of another species.


This animal that lives in the rain forest at night is naturally sociable and loving, and as a result, it has gained some appeal among those who keep unusual pets.

Bananas, eggs, mangoes, fruit loops, marshmallows, and gummi bears are among the foods they consume, despite the fact that they have strong carnivorous teeth. This allows them to save their dangerous, bacteria-filled bite for times when they feel threatened or terrified.

Sugar Glider

These well-known nocturnal marsupials from from the northeastern region of Australia weigh little more than approximately five ounces at the most.

Because of their energetic and inquisitive attitude, they form strong bonds with people very quickly. Unfortunately, they are also gregarious and active at night, and they demand your attention when you are unable to offer it to them – which is when they are most active.

Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you have a minimum of two sugar gliders at your home. Sugar gliders have a natural need to climb, therefore their owners should make sure there are plenty of branches and vines in their habitat.

Snow Macaque

The Japanese Macaque, sometimes referred to as the Snow Monkey, is a species of macaque monkey that is unique to Japan and is classified as a terrestrial Old World monkey.

As human activity continues to expand and consume an increasing portion of the Snow Macaque’s natural habitat, the primate is now classified as a threatened species. Because of this reason, owners of this very uncommon species are required to get coveted licenses as well as unique permissions.

The Snow Macaque is a tiny monkey that may live for more than 25 years and has a red face that is hairless, which is what sets it apart from other primates.

Squirrel monkey

Squirrel monkeys are omnivorous and weigh around 2.75 pounds; they are native to Central and South America. Squirrel monkeys have a lot of natural enemies, which is one of the reasons they travel in groups that may number as high as 500 individuals.

When compared to the size of their bodies, their brains are the biggest of any of the primates (that includes humans). When you combine that intellect with a gregarious and friendly personality, this monkey finds it relatively simple to learn new skills, such as how to use the bathroom.

Mona monkey

This Old World monkey is from West Africa and may reach a maximum weight of around 15 pounds during the course of its 20-year lifespan.

This mona monkey, just like any other monkey, has to flex its wacky limbs in order to stay healthy. It is the responsibility of the owners to provide them with a habitat that allows for activities including as climbing, swinging, playing, and even hiding.

Because he can outwit or out-jiggle most baby-proofing solutions, monkey-proofing your house may be the task that proves to be the most challenging.


Chimpanzees have a grasp on human intrigue and draw the likes of scientists, zoo-goers, and prospective pet owners. Chimps are eerily similar to humans in life span, behavior, and even DNA (we share 94 percent), so it’s no surprise that they have this pull.

This amazing likeness may also provide some insight into the reasons why they are such challenging and difficult pets to maintain. Chimpanzee can be house-trained, but he is still independent-minded enough to have his own thinking. If you are able to foil his plan to steal food from the refrigerator, his 115-pound physique still has another option: he can take it by force.

The average strength of his upper body is five times greater than that of a human. He could easily beat you at the gym if he had a better developed aptitude for holding objects, but why bother? You may as well get used to being mauled by him.

Chinchilla Lanigera

The average lifetime of a chinchilla is around 15 years, however individuals living between 18 and 22 years old have been documented. The length of its body ranges from 10 to 14 inches, and its tail adds another 5 to 6 inches at most.

Although most newborn chinchillas will grow extremely tame and form tight bonds with their owners if they are handled gently beginning when they are relatively young, there are certain instances in which they do not like being held or hugged.

They have a lot of energy and want to have fun. Chinchillas may be maintained as individuals or in pairs of the same gender; however, the best results are achieved when the chinchillas are raised together from a young age or are littermates.

Cubs of the white lions

This cub is the most expensive animal in the world to have as a pet, as stated by Forbes in their article titled “America’s Priciest Pets.” The white lion is not a distinct species; rather, he is a typical lion who has an abnormality that might prove to be lethal. The fault is a recessive gene that makes him more noticeable to possible prey (wildebeests, hippos, and adult elephants) as well as to potential predators (hunters).

The challenge of raising a cub is similar to that of rearing some pups in that they eventually mature into adulthood. In the case of a white lion, this may imply achieving a weight of up to 500 pounds.

Ball Python

There are two distinct groups of individuals in our world: those who like keeping snakes as pets and those who do not.

The crimson eyes or unusual hues of some of these uncommon variants are unlikely to pique the curiosity of anyone who aren’t already interested in them.

After all, in this context, ownership means maintaining a five-foot-long ball python in a tank containing thirty gallons of water and feeding it the carcasses of live mice, rats, or gerbils once every ten days for the next three decades.

Python with Reticulated Scales

The reticulated python is the species of snake in the animal world that is believed to have the longest known lifespan. It is mostly found in Thailand and Indonesia.

How can you ensure that this monstrosity is always content? To create a habitat in which the levels of humidity and high temperatures need to be maintained with some degree of discipline, you should begin with a tank that is rather big.

It is recommended by breeders that you find a second person to assist you feed your reticulated albino type II tiger python because in the event that it confuses you for a cadaver, someone needs to contact an ambulance.

Leopard-spotted Albino Lavender Female Python

The more prevalent kind of albinism cannot be compared to this particular albino in any way. The white regions have a pretty lavender tone to them, while the eyes are a very dark ruby red. The feature is a basic kind of recessive inheritance, and it is currently only seen in captive populations.

Additionally accessible from python breeder Bob Clark, the demand has increased as a result of the item’s scarcity.

Leopard Gecko

It’s possible that leopard geckos can live for roughly 20 years. Leopard geckos may grow to be anywhere between 8 and 10 inches in length.

Leopard geckos are often yellow and white with black spots on their bodies; hatchlings are more striped at first and gradually transform to the spotted appearance. There are a few different color and design alternatives (such as jungle) available.

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